Hi there! My name is Diana Zheng.
Right now I am a Product Design student at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
Product Design is not just about the looks of a product. It is about the existance of the product as well.
The things that fascinate me are everything I see, smell, feel and taste. The people around us are each one of a kind. Smelling a flower, the sea or a summerbreeze makes chills go down my back. Feelings such as anxiety, love and trust inspires songs, paintings, and poetry. Last but not least, food. There is nothing without food, food is like art, with taste, smell and colours. Food is around us, and is surprising us everytime we take a bite. Everything around me is inspiring, fascinating and challenging me.
This is my growing Portfolio. For any questions, feel free to contact me.
+31 613 91 33 96
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